In April of this year Dave Magoon, brought to Wistariahurst Museum his collection of paper making history materials. Mr. Magoon, founder of University Products, Inc. of Holyoke, MA has been collecting items related to papermaking history since the 1960s when he was a paper salesman for the Brown Paper Company of Adams, MA. As he saw the once prosperous industry start to slow and move out of Massachusetts he realized the need to preserve through collecting the paper industry’s history. The collection of over 100 items includes paper sample books; advertisements and brochures; papermaking micrometers, gauges and scales; photographs; printed samples; instruction manuals and handbooks; unique tools like a lofting rod, dandy roller sleeves and a lithographic printing stone. Holyoke paper manufacturers represented include American Writing Paper, Parsons Paper Company, Newton Paper Co, and Chemical Paper Co, to name a few. Penni Martorell, museum curator and Holyoke city historian commented “This collection will help folks learn how Holyoke got its nickname “Paper City. And of course, all the items are housed in the finest archival materials, which will make processing the collection much easier.” The earliest item in the collection is an 1872 printed map of Massachusetts. Once the collection is accessioned and cataloged, a finding aid will be produced and the collection will be open for research use.