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WCS Journal 1888 February 5 – February 11

WCS February 5 - 6, 1888

WCS February 5 – 6, 1888

February 5, 1888,  Sunday Big  thaw –  Mother & Kittie & I drove to church in the morning and in the evening Kittie & I walked down –   Went to Sabbath School as usual – The boilers at the mill were examined today –

February 6, 1888,  Monday  Returned to NY on 4:20 train and am at Murray Hill as usual. Beautiful day. Bought a Lippencott and enjoyed it immensely. Rec’d letter from Libbie saying she should not go to Holyoke until Friday. Bernard came after office boys. He was not quick enough. His name was Harry Tompkins. They are trying to have a six day walking match in Madison Sq. Garden but I am sure it will be a fizzle.
(Click here to view the Jan/Feb 1888 Issue of Lippincott’s Monthy Magazine A Popular Journal of Literature, Science and Politics  that WCS references above)

WCS February 7 - 8, 1888

WCS February 7 – 8, 1888

February 7, 1888,  Tuesday  Disagreeable day. Nothing of importance happened. Trade dull so far this month, here and in Boston but very good in Chicago. Rec’d letter from Father saying he was going to bring Aunt Ruth to the city Tomorrow Thursday Dr. [Wylie] (40 W. 40th St)

February 8, 1888,  Wednesday Rained all day – Settled up at the Murray Hill Hotel as intended going going home at 11 o’clock but had word from Father he would take my room at the hotel  tomorrow so went back and registered – Recd. telegram from Libbie.  she would go home with me tomorrow –

WCS February 9 - 10, 1888

WCS February 9 – 10, 1888

February 9, 1888,  Thursday Beautiful day –   Libbie arrived about 10 o’clock and we came home together on the 11 o’clock train – Father took Aunt Ruth to N.Y. to consult with Dr. Wylie –   Mrs. Taft gave her big party for Kittie Prescott –  Mother, Belle & I attended also Miss Cleveland who came in from Albany –   Did not get home until 3:30 A.M.    Mother came home at 2:30 and had a great circus with the cook – Annie  who was dead drunk lying in the snow and as the thermoeter went down to 14 degrees below last night  she would surely have frozen to death if not discovered by her –

February 10, 1888,  Friday Snowed nearly all day-
Goetz & [Munin ] weren’t around yesterday so I went out to look them up – Goetz came around later in the p.m. and I found  [Munin’s] child had been sick –  went to Boston at 7:25 p.m. train was 1 hour late so went to the nearest hotel –  U.S.

(“One of the oldest hostelries in Boston is the United States Hotel at Beach and Lincoln Streets. It was built in 1824, when it was regarded as an enormous structure, and certainly the largest hotel in the city. It has been enlarged several times until it covers two acres. In its early days it was the favorite stopping place for celebrities visiting The Hub.”  Nineteenth Century Hotels In The United States)

WCS February 11, 1888

WCS February 11, 1888

February 11, 1888,  Saturday Came home on the 3 o’clock with Cy Frink –  Father arrived home from N. Y. at about 8:45  says the Dr.  (Wylie) does not think he can help Aunt Ruth but she is going to remain in N.Y. for about a week at the Sanitarium – Snowed all day –    Took an awful cold last night at the U.S.  Father stopped at the Murray Hill Hotel – liked it very much.

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