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WCS Journal 1888 January 15 – January 21

January 15, 1888

January 15, 1888

January, Sunday 15. 1888
Went to church  & Sabbath School.  Kittie has had a very bad cold for three (3) weeks and stayed home with Father – think her cold is better.   Very disagreeable day.
A new game has broken out here in Holyoke it is called Average and it is very interesting.
This Sunday’s Boston Herald has an acc. of  the rich men of Holyoke in which Whiting was first and Father was second.

January 16 - 17,1888

January 16 – 17,1888

January, Monday 16. 1888
Returned to this city on the 7:20 train – Stopped at Murray Hill as usual.  Came thru with John Newton who introduced me to a Mrs. Bill of Springfield – .
Rec’d a telegram from Father that there’s been a break in silk but can find no trace of it.

January, Tuesday 17. 1888
Terrible snow storm  – 
Placed a limit of 3.95 with the China & Jap. Trading Co. for 50 bales of #1 [Kee/Ku]  reel.  15/17 den.  [good] as 5 girls – 
Father’s idea of a break can from a telegram he rec’d. from the C & J offering above silk and as we had just [bought] 50 bales of [Korrueiba] at 4.20 Guess he thought it had fallen.

January 18 - 19, 1888

January 18 – 19, 1888

January, Wednesday 18. 1888
Beautiful day.  am hard but awful giving.
Went down to Newell Slate & Co.s guess they will be all right. Sold them a few [pre bids.]
Mr. Richardson went home from his office with a very bad cold.
Met Moses Newton at the hotel.
Finished reading “Our Country” a book Nina gave Father. It is very interesting. Father has ordered 50 copies to give away.

January, Thursday 19. 1888
Walked down to the store this AM. arrived there at 8:15. The China & Japan Trading Co. telephoned they had obtained the 50 bales of #1 Ke-reel @ 3.90 [bricos] free delivery – 
Charlie Clark was in but I missed him. he left a tonic mixture for Kittie. Beautiful day.
The above mentioned sick we returned to them about April 12th as it was too fine but otherwise was all right but _s. if size we could not use it[.] Though they offered it to us @ 3.75 6 mos – 

January 20 - 21, 1888

January 20 – 21, 1888

January, Friday 20. 1888
Beautiful day. Write to the Yonkers [Newspaper] to insert an advertisement in their paper offering 42 different patterns of fine satin 3 x 6 in. for $100 or so patterned for 50 cts. I think we can dispense of our [resscanuats?] in satin in this way to good advantage. I signed Henry A. Brown to the advertisement  as I do not wish the firm to be identified with this.
Rec’d rent from Father to buy some silk for the Yonkers. Sue Goddwin and friend can buy #3 carton @ 2.65 6 mos open all.
Went down to Ledwells but did no business. Business dull today.

January 21. 1888, Saturday
Went home on the 4:00 train. Sat with Lyman. Beautiful day but very cold. Find Kittie still has that very bad cold but think it is better. Last night Kittie woke up and found her self on hands & knees on the floor with a lighted match in her hand. The match had burned her finger  thus waking her. Two or three matches that had been lighted were on the floor. So we are glad she did not set fire to her clothing or the house. Mother had her secure all the matches from her room when I went to bed. Belle has read our invitation to go to Princeton on the 8th of Feb. to a ball and has accepted. Bought 10 bales #3 carton for Yonkers @2.65 6 mos open all.


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