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WCS Journal 1888 January 8 – January 14

January 8 - 9, 1888

January 8 – 9, 1888

January, Sunday 8, 1888
We all went to church in the morning and Mother, Belle, and I, in the evening.  I have commenced going to Sunday School again.  Have joined John Cushing’s, (high school teacher), class in Mr. Hammond’s, (organist), room.

January, Monday 9, 1888
Went down to the mill in the morning – over to Springfield in the p.m. with Mister after 6 [trs?] [Devafist?] Sweeps – Father is very anxious to find how to dye fish colors for Worden Mills and is doing splendidly.

January 10 - 11, 1888

January 10 – 11, 1888

January, Tuesday 10, 1888
Came down on the 4:20 train with Henry Beebe.  Stopped at Murray Hill Hotel as usual.  Saw in this morning’s newspapers that Wm H. DeForest  failed yesterday. He was a large silk importer. Real estate killed failed him.

January, Wednesday 11, 1888
Read a letter from Father saying we held a note of DeForest’s endorsed by [Awisa?] Spun & Co. Spent the evening with [Brewster] formerly bookkeeper for Hayden Gere & Co.

January 12 – 13, 1888

January, Thursday 12, 1888
Beautiful day – went down to Newell, Slate & Co. to find Leavy Foster & Brown have been selling their raw silk braids.  Must look into it.
Am sending a new swirl [Miser Facebristin?] – Had my hair cut.

CutiCura Ad 1888

CutiCura Ad 1888

January, Friday 13, 1888
Went home at 11 o’clock.  Met up on train wth Lyman and wife. Took up some roses for Miss Pearsons for this evening. Called at the mill and met Phyfe of Dix & Phyfe – note brokers – who had called around to explain the DeForest failure. Went to the Arlington with Miss P. had a fine time. The carriage was late and we were 1/2 hour late. Mother went with Joe & wife and Belle with Mr. Loving.  Then Father returned from Chicago about  52o (4 weeks ago he had an eruption break out on his skin and he is now trying Cuti Cura. A Potent Medicine. How times and men change.

January 14, 1888

January 14, 1888

POP [Written in Top Margin] January, Saturday 14, 1888
Went down to the mill. Music is in Bistros. Find we had a very profitable business last year. Went to Springfield with Mother. Good sleighing but very cold.

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