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WCS Journal April 29 – May 5

WCS April 29 - 30, 1888

WCS April 29 – 30, 1888

April 29, 1888,  Sunday
Beautiful day – Father & I went to church and sat in the center isle [sic] seat &
Joe & Mattie in the side – We took dinner at Joe’s and after it Father went on to Dan Newton’s – The
Newton’s have recently bought 500 shares of Holyoke Water Power stock @ 2.35 to 2.50 and Father
wanted to find out about it – Joe & I went to ride in the P.M. Cy Frink came over in the evening – 

April 30, 1888,  Monday
Beautiful day – Father went to Northampton to see Aunt Ruth as he intended going to Lakewood and wishes to tell Mother how Aunt R. was – found her in about the same condition. Father found he would not be able to go to Lakewood tonight as being the oldest (in service) of the directors of the Northampton Bank he & Owen Edwards are to represent the bank at Deacon Hubbard’s funeral tomorrow. Deacon Hubbard was a director of the bank.  The water in the river is very high  10 ft. 1 in. in the dam – there is no driving to either Northampton or Springfield on the River road.

WCS May 1 - 2, 1888

WCS May 1 – 2, 1888

May 1, 1888,  Tuesday
This is Belle’s Birthday or rather yesterday was,  I am a day late,  she’s 22 years old.
Disagreeable day – Father attended Deacon Hubbard’s funeral and when Joe & I met him at the depot he said it was the most impressive one he ever saw – The Smith College girls walked to the grave – Father left for Lakewood at 5:40 – The Tuesday Club met at Joe’s tonight so as they were to have light refreshments
afterwards I went down and had a very nice time – then were about 21 present – 
Wm. Henry Hubbard called at the mill today he is in to attend his uncle Geo’s

May 2, 1888,  Wednesday
Beautiful day – Spent last night in the house alone but did not have my dreams
disturbed – Wm. Hubbard came to the city and spent the night with me – in
the evening he went to call on some of his retainers and I called at Joe’s &
afterward at Emma Bates – 
Recd. a letter from Mother yesterday saying Kittie seems to be improving every day – 
I am wearing a suit of clothing I bought of  Underhill, Slate, & Connell and it fits
worse than any I ever had.  I shall never have another made there price $70 – 

WCS MAy 3 - 4, 1888

WCS MAy 3 – 4, 1888

May 3, 1888,  Thursday
Beautiful day – Wm. Hubbard left at 9:45 for Auburn – I recd. a telegram from
Father saying he would be home tonight and for me to return to N.Y. so I returned at 6:15 – Took Mattie out to ride this P.M.  first time – Jennie goes nicely nowadays – 
Wm. Hubbard said his uncle left all his property to his wife – in trust – at her
death he (Wm. H.) & his brother Charles each get $1000 – Old folks home in
Northampton $2000 – Dickinson Hospital  $5000 – and the residents of the state estimated at $150,000 to Smith College.

May 4, 1888,  Friday
Cloudy – Went to the store found everything O.K.   W. C. Wyckoff secretary of the
Silk Association died yesterday – Father told the people in the store Kittie was much
better.  I am very glad – she is so cute – she will soon be O.K.  again – I expect to
go to Lakewood Saturday – 
Had my hair cut – 

WCS May 5, 1888

WCS May 5, 1888

May 5, 1888,  Saturday
Beautiful day – Went up to Wm. Arnold and exchanged Kitties shoes which were too small – got 5-1/2-B.  Went to Underhill, Slate & Connell and had them look at the suit they made me which fits wretchedly – Went to Lakewood at 4:30 found Mother, Belle & Kittie fixed up in an elegant suit of rooms recently occupied by Count Mickenzi. Kitten was at the Station to meet me she is looking splendidly, greatly improved and the doctor says one of her lungs is really well & the other greatly improved and he now thinks she will be perfecty well in time.  Miss Mackintosh (Etta at Deck)  still here – 

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