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WCS Journal March 25 – March 31

March 25, 1888

March 25, 1888

March 25, 1888,  Sunday
Beautiful day – We all went to church – It is very fair sleighing – We have learned today that Holyoke’s population was increased by two that we know of, last night, for Herbert Frink is now the happy (I hope) father of twins, a boy & girl.

March 26, 1888,  Monday
Very Stormy –  Rain, hail & sleet.  Mother & Kittie went to Boston in the 11:45 train to stay until Thursday – Saw the new watchman – like his looks very much.  Some of the lots of silk we have been expecting have arrived.  [Giddusus]  ‘Helmet’  cheap at 3.92   6 mos.   is splendid  but the China & Jap. @ 3.90   6 mos.  is mixed badly  white  yellow in the same skein – 

March 26 - 27, 1888

March 26 – 27, 1888

From the New Amsterdam Gazette March - April 1888

From the New Amsterdam Gazette March – April 1888

March 27, 1888,  Tuesday
Disagreeable day – Returned to N.Y. at 7:15 as usual.  Rained down all the way back.  Attended to sale of the Mott-Kearney collection of paintings  as Father told me to buy him De Haas – “Passing Sandy Hook by Moonlight”  it was a little painting 23 x 32 and they ran it up to $525 so I did not buy it as I thought the price too high for the size & artist – “Two Musicians” by J. G. Braun a very little painting brought $450 –

March 28 - 29, 1888

March 28 – 29, 1888

March 28, 1888,  Wednesday
Very disagreeable day – It has rained steadily for three (3) days – I fear Mother & Kittie who are in Boston may have had a poor time on acc. of the weather.  Attended the conclusion of the sale of paintings tonight but did not buy anything – 

March 29, 1888,  Thursday
Still raining in the A.M. but stopped about noon.  Recd. letter from Father today that Steve Gifford – the millwright at the mill – had his arm injured yesterday while oiling some shopfitting and that Jack Drummond came near being killed while putting on the belt on the old extractor in the dyehouse – It was very fortunate they were not more serious – Business still continues good – I collected a bill of $270 from Richardson today for the Yonkers –   it was pretty hard work – 

March 20 - 31, 1888

March 20 – 31, 1888

March 30, 1888,  Friday
Beautiful day – Nothing important happened – I’ve had a splendid trade – stopped in, coming up town at Jolly for Mother’s laces which I left some time ago to be repaired – the woman said they were very fine ones – she had them in the window when I called for them.

March 31, 1888,  Saturday
Went home at at 4:30.  Went up in car with Moses Newton –  Found everything all right in Holyoke as usual-  It is rumored that L.L. Brown has held his interest (1/3) in the Whiting Paper Co. for $450,000 – Brown has been in financial difficulties for some time – Sales today about $7400 – 

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