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Located in historic Holyoke, Massachusetts, the nineteenth century mansion and gardens at Wistariahurst are owned and operated by the City of Holyoke and the Wistariahurst Foundation. More than a house museum, Wistariahurst is a cultural center that engages with the community and hosts exhibitions, performances, and private events throughout the year.

There’s always something interesting happening at Wistariahurst: tours of the house and gardens, lectures on local history and social movements, performances, wine tastings, and more. Watch for annual events like a sale of beautiful houseplants, or our spooky Halloween gathering!

Anyone can book the house or gardens for events like weddings and parties, private performances, or photo shoots.


Wistariahurst maintains stewardship of numerous archives for research, education, or the pleasure of connecting with the history. Learn about Holyoke and its residents, life during the Industrial Revolution, and social or ethnic groups groups who have shaped our city and region.

Most of these archives are open, by appointment, to the general public and scholars alike.

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