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Wistariahurst is committed to playing a positive role in the economic vitality of Holyoke.

We make use of practices that support local businesses; improve the livability of our neighborhoods; provide skills and knowledge to residents; and support the service work of other local organizations.

We aim to host educational and cultural activities which will attract new visitors to our City on a regular basis.

We strive to be a good employer, providing sustainable jobs for local talent.

On a National Level

Museums contribute $21 billion to the U.S. economy each year (2008 estimate), encouraging economic growth in their communities.

Trips including cultural and heritage activities comprise one of the most popular and significant segments of the travel industry, accounting for more than 23% of all domestic travel.

Visitors to historic sites and cultural attractions, including museums, stay 53% longer and spend 36% more money than other kinds of tourists.

Quality-of-life issues contribute significantly to decisions businesses make when choosing to relocate, including access to cultural resources and a dynamic museum community

Quote about the value of museums to the economy
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