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July 2014 Masslive has a write-up and interview with Jaqueline Cooper, who is the project director for the upcoming event, A Legacy of Holyoke’s Music, People and Place.

June 2014 Masslive took some great photos of our annual car show, Classic Cars and Classic Music.

June 2014 Mass Appeal recorded an interview with Director Melissa Boisselle giving a brief history of Wistariahurst and explaining what the museum has to offer.

January 2013 Masslive has a writeup and interview with Eric Broudy about his Jan/Feb exhibit at Wistariahurst.

April 2013 Pioneer has a great write-up about the REACH exhibits at Wistariahurst, as does the Republican‘s Conor Berry.

March 2013 The Reminder covers an addition to Wistariahurst Museum Website, the William Cobbett Skinner 1888 Daily Journal. 

September 2012  Springfield Republican provides video coverage on MassLive about the Gallery Exhibition at Wistariahurst Museum – Houdini, Holyoke & the Sidney Radner Collection: Rare Look at World’s Greatest Escape Artist and Magician Exhibit 

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