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Wistariahurst is dedicated to preserving the history of Holyoke and inspiring an appreciation of history and culture through educational programs, exhibits, and special events.

Wistariahurst, originally the home of prominent silk manufacturer, William Skinner and his family, was transported to Holyoke from Williamsburg, MA (then known as “Skinnerville”) in 1874. The buildings and grounds were owned continually by the Skinner family until 1959, when Katharine Skinner Kilborne, the youngest child of William and Sarah Skinner, and her heirs gave Wistariahurst to the City of Holyoke for cultural and educational purposes.

Today, in honor of the philanthropic and humanitarian work of the Skinner family, Wistariahurst operates as part of the City of Holyoke, offering a wide variety of programs, educational opportunities, and events including workshops, concerts, lectures and demonstrations designed to be of service to and enhance the quality of life of Holyoke residents.

Back: Libbie, Sarah, Will, Eleanor. Front: Belle, Nancy, William, Katharine, Joe
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