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An Introduction from Our New Director

Let me begin by stating how honored I am to join Wistariahurst and the City of Holyoke. I find myself surrounded by a supportive staff and team of dedicated volunteers; I am excited to learn and grow alongside them going into the future. 

My education focused on Art History and material culture; I found myself particularly interested in memory. Memories are pivotal in forming our world and how we perceive it. They strengthen our bond to one another, determine what stories get told, and can sustain us through hard times. Wistariahurst is full of memories; they are held within its walls, in the gardens, and all over Holyoke. We strive to be a haven of joy, a place of equality, and an inclusive storyteller. As Director, I will always move in the direction of progress and preservation for future generations. Our programming will continue engaging with the past, reflecting on the present, and creating meaningful experiences for audiences within and beyond Holyoke. And, most importantly, we will work harder and do better to tell the stories of BIPOC residents, past and present. 

The pandemic has been challenging and heartbreaking, but I know if we all support one another, we can come out stronger. I hope Wistariahurst can be a place of respite and healing for everyone as we move into a new year. 

In the spirit of new beginnings, I hope you will all join me in starting a new tradition at Wistariahurst! We are hosting a holiday open house featuring live music, family-friendly activities, local vendors, and beautiful decorations. I look forward to meeting you and building my memories here in Holyoke. 


Megan Seiler

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