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The following links are to Radio Broadcasts made at Holyoke Community College Radio WCCH 103.5 FM. They are interviews with Wistariahurst Curator, and City Historian Penni Martorell and DJ Stevie C (Stephanie Converse). Select episodes may feature additional guests.

Connecting Threads
Recorded August 2021
Letters from the Front
Recorded January 27, 2020
Reliquary of Blackness Exhibit
Recorded November 5, 2019
Spirits of Wistariahurst
Recorded October 5, 2019
Stitch by Stitch: Needlework Samplers from the Wistariahurst Textile Collection
Wistariahurst's Textile Collection
Recorded July 2, 2019
Holyoke's Frog Circus
Recorded June 4, 2019
Wistariahurst Gardens
Recorded April 29, 2019
Erika Slocumb's Black Holyoke Project
Recorded February 25, 2019
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