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Belle Skinner Journal Friday August 12, 1887

XIII (13)
Friday, Aug. 12 ‘87

This morning Father was out on a business tour, so the rest of us spent the time in writing and resting at the hotel. About noon we started for the Royal Jubilee Exhibition again. Arriving at the buildings, we decided to separate. Father went to see “Machinery in Motion” and Mamma went with Queenie and me to the Art department. There we spent the rest of the day looking at paintings by living and deceased artists. It is a wonderful collection, one of the largest in the world, and {approximately costing} fifteen millions of dollars.
We did not have time to visit the rest of the buildings to very great extent but were much interested in seeing them make silk from cocoon.
While we were at the exhibition Queenie got quite tired out, and came back to the hotel several hours before the rest of us. On the way to the grounds, we passed the Free Trade building, an immense hall that we expect…


to visit tomorrow. In front of the Hall are four large statues of Wellington, Dalton (chemist), Watt and Sir Robert Peel. The Hall is directly opposite our hotel.

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