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Belle Skinner Journal Friday, September 2, 1887


Friday Sept. 2

This morning we spent at the British Museum where we saw so much that we came away with our heads in a perfect whirl. The most interesting room was the gold room filled with ancient gold ornaments, necklaces, rings, etc. found in sarchophagi[sic]. Being pure gold they have retained their original style and color. Very beautiful; many of them. Here too we saw an exquisite medallion of Julius Cesar cut in a sardonyx. In this room is the famous Portland vase. A small vase of lapis lazuli ornamented with figurines modelled in glass. About forty years ago this vase was willfully broken into a thousand pieces. But was put together again with infinite care and patience. From the Museum we went to the Doré Picture gallery, by far the finest we have seen. Surest all the subjects are Biblical, Christ descending from the Practorium, Christ’s triumphant entrance


into paradise. The Vale of Tears, Moses before Pharaoh, the dream of Pilot’s Wife, Ecce Homo, and the Ascension were the most interesting views. One might spend a week studying each picture and then not take it all in. On our way back to the Hotel, we stopped at Fay’s and ordered a winter coat for Kitten. This evening we tried to go to Drury Lane Theater, but found it does not open until tomorrow night.

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