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Belle Skinner Journal Monday, August 15, 1887


Monday – Aug. 15

This morning Father went to Bradford on business. We all rode down to the station with him and after leaving him, drove about the lower part of the city. Saw the various Baths and Springs, and then drove to the Hotel over the Moor. The country about here is beautiful, and the roads as hard and smooth as boards. When we got back home, I went to bed where I remained until the next morning late. Father returned from Bradford at noon, and after lunch he and Mamma and Queen took a beautiful drive. They went to Knaresborough, a place about five miles from here, and saw many curious and interesting things. “The dropping well,” a fall of water that petrifies everything it touches. The cave of St. Robert the Jesuit, the place where Eugene Aram concealed the body of the murdered Clarke, and many other like places.

Belle Skinner 1887 Journal 08-15-1887 XVII
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