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Belle Skinner Journal Monday, September 19, 1887


Monday, Sept. 19.

This morning we drove about the city, and were left at last at the Art Gallery, the second largest in the world, and one of the three most famous.  The paintings were all beautiful, especially so were Raphael’s Sistine Madonna, and Caravagio’s Holy Night.  In the afternoon we did a little shopping.  We bought two beautiful China vases and a book of engravings, the masterpieces of the Gallery.  In the evening we saw “William Tell” at the Opera House.  Although the house is much smaller, the scenery is quite as fine as in the Metropolitan Opera House New York.  We all enjoyed the play immensely, tho’ we could not understand a word.  The theater began at half past six and closed at ten.

Belle Skinner 1887 Journal 09-19-1887 LXXIX
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