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Belle Skinner Journal Saturday, September 10, 1887


Saturday, Sept. 10

It rained hard all this morning, so we spent the time in the Hotel waiting and watching for the trunk which failed to appear.  In the afternoon we visited the Ryks Museum and saw many paintings by Rembrandt and other artists.  Later in the day we took another long drive.  Went way out to the ocean and saw the dykes which have held the water back for so many years.  They are certainly very wonderful.  On the way home we drive for several miles under a perfect arch-way of trees.  We were driving on one of the dykes at the time.  During the drive we saw the Kings Palace, Crystal Palace and a very fine arcade.

The trunk arrived this evening too late for us to leave the City, so we must spend another night here.  Tho’ tonight we shall be properly clothed.

Belle Skinner 1887 Journal 09-10-1887 LXX
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