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Belle Skinner Journal Saturday, September 24, 1887


Saturday, Sept. 24

We went first this morning to the Castle, the most magnificent ruins in Europe.  And it is magnificent and huge—some parts are almost wholly destroyed, but a few are in a fair state of preservation.  We saw the “big tun” capable of holding 50,000 gallons of wine and filled for the last time in 1869.  What part of the castle escaped the French, was almost destroyed by lightning just three days before it was to be occupied by one of the Electors.  In a museum connected with the Castle we saw many curiosities.  The drive to and from the ruins, which are on a high mountain was beautiful and the air delicious.  On our way back we drove about the city a little, and were much surprised to find it so large.  We left on the one o’clock train for Paris.

Belle Skinner 1887 Journal 09-24-1887 LXXXVI
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