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Belle Skinner Journal Sunday, August 14, 1887


Sunday, Aug 14

Our first Sunday abroad has been on the whole a most pleasant one, although this afternoon there were signs of “blueness” in both Emrick and Father, but it all passed over. This morning we all went to Christ’s Church, a very pretty little church near the hotel, and heard an excellent sermon by Canon Gibbs.  After lunch we “loafed” till dinner, so there was plenty of time for Father and Mother to get homesick. We finished dinner just in time to go to the same church again. This time we heard the rector preach. When we came home, we had chocolate and tea-cakes, delicious muffins, and then came up stairs. So this, our first Sunday, has ended.

Morning text – Isaiah 52:8
Evening text – Matt. 12:14

Belle Skinner 1887 Journal 08-14-1887 XVI
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