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Belle Skinner Journal Thursday, August 25, 1887


Thursday, Aug. 25

This morning we started out in a wagonette first to see the town of Coventry.  The first object of interest was the real “Peeping Tom”, of whom there are many imitations, in the top of our hotel.  After seeing “Tom”, we drove to St. Mary’s Church, a very ancient building in which are many relics of ancient Kings and Queens, among others the coronation chairs of William (I think) and a pair of stocks and whipping post in the crypt.  Opposite St. Mary’s is St. Michael’s Church, a large and beautiful edifice.  After seeing this, we drove over the most beautiful drive in England from Coventry to Leamington.  The road all the way is shaded by an arch of linden trees.  About half way to Leamington we stopped and went over Kenilworth Castle, by far the most beautiful ruins we have seen.  It is a magnificent Castle, very imposing and beautiful.  We were very much interested in everything, but liked especially Amy Robsart’s apartments.


We saw her sitting-room and bed-room in which was the window from which she used to watch Leicester and Elizabeth.  Elizabeth’s appartments (sic) were regal and the grounds at the time of her visit there must have been superb.  We spent a long time in and about the Castle, but finally drove on to Leamington, and are now settled at the Manor House Hotel, a charming place.

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