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Belle Skinner Journal Wednesday, September 7, 1887


Wednesday, Sept. 7

We left Canterbury at 10.16 o’clock this morning for Dover, reaching there about noon.  After many struggles to find the right boat, we started to cross the Channel to Ostend.  It was a four hours sail, but none of us were sea-sick, although the boat rolled a good deal at first.  The name of the boat was “Manx Queen.” It seemed very strange at Ostend not to hear any English spoken but we got along very nicely, and in a few moments were on our way to Antwerp.  Changing cars once at Milan, we reached Antwerp at about six o’clock.  We were travelling first class, but from the way we were packed into a carriage already full, we could easily have imagined ourselves third class Dutch travellers [sic].  We are staying at the St. Antoine Hotel, a very nice house were almost everyone speaks English.

Belle Skinner 1887 Journal 09-07-1887 LXV
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