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Silk Dress With Wedding Buttons

Connecting Threads: Bridal Gowns from the Wistariahurst Textile Collection

Wednesday August 4, 2021 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Register below to view Connecting Threads, a new exhibit from the Wistariahurst Textile Collection, featuring 15 wedding gowns, stories from the past, and opportunities for visitors to share their own photos and memories!

“The chosen bridal gowns are unique or unusual examples from our collection,” writes Penni Martorell, Wistariahurst Curator and Holyoke City Historian. “We are interested in sharing some of the personal stories behind these gowns because whether the gown is the finest satin and lace for a bride or a gown sewn on a budget and shared by family members, they are all artifacts with history worn by real people.”  

The exhibit will be staged on the first floor of the historic mansion at Wistariahurst. Once inside, visitors will have the opportunity to self-guide through the exhibit and the historic spaces of the old Skinner estate. Many of the gowns are made of silk produced in the former Skinner mills of Holyoke.

Please note: Admission to this exhibit is by suggested donation, accepted at the door. Pre-registration for timed slots is required using the form below. Admission is offered at the times indicated below. Tickets for each time slot are limited.

The project is made possible with funds from the Holyoke Local Cultural Council. 

Tickets and Reservations

Ticket Type Spaces
10:00 AM Admission
11:00 AM Admission
12:00 PM Admission

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