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From The Connecticut River To Your Plate: The Amazing American Shad

From the Connecticut River to your Plate: The Amazing American Shad

Tuesday April 7, 2020 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

image of American Shad fish
American Shad

The Pioneer Valley is witness to a dramatic phenomenon each spring as hundreds of thousands of fish return from the ocean to spawn in the Connecticut River.  This presentation by educators of American history and fisheries conservation will focus on the American Shad, the most abundant of the migrating fish.  Liz Austin will present information on the challenging life history of the American Shad that traverses thousands of miles and culminates in an exhausting upstream spawning run. The history and operation of the Robert Barrett Fishway in Holyoke and its role in supporting fish migration will be included. Elyse Moore will address historical features of native fishing traditions and early state legislation with respect to Shad fishing, the seasonal “pop-up” nature of 18th and 19th c. business hotspots during the Shad harvest, plus the prized quality of Connecticut Valley Shad in the commercial fish markets of New York and New England. Details of boning and preparation of American Shad will be presented with historical and modern recipes

Presenters: Liz Austin, MS, EdD, Coordinator of Public Programs (retired), Robert Barrett Fishway, Holyoke, MA, and Elyse Moore, BA, DC, Historic Deerfield Museum Educator, Interpreter & Hearth Cook.

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