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two Black G.I.'s

“I Was a Black G.I” A Retrospective Panel Discussion of Military Service 1960 – 2022

Saturday July 9, 2022 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

In an effort to provide a more complex and diverse perspective of military service, this in-person and live, panel discussion will  addresses the intersectionality of what it meant/means to be Black and to serve in the Military.  This panel discussion will engage local black veterans to share their personal experiences and memories of being in the military.  Panelists represent Holyoke residents who served in the military from the late 50’s up until the 2000s. They will share their perspective of being a “Government Issue” G.I. as it related to housing, uniforms, jobs, and other aspects of serving in various branches of the military. Participants served as regular military, and others spent a good portion of their time as reservists. One panelist will share their experience of being a military spouse and the sacrifices that entailed. Questions will be posed about their military experiences and how it related, or didn’t, to their ethnicity. Stories will be shared that reflect many other experiences. Please note, to be respectful of individual Veterans’ experiences,  combat experiences will not be discussed or addressed.

Moderated by Doug Griffin, the panelists will include Mr. John Kennedy, Mr. James Odom, Mr. Marvin Dotson and Mrs. Lenora Tiggle.
This panel discussion has been funded in part by a Holyoke Local Cultural Council grant , a Massachusetts State Historical Records Advisory Board Veterans Heritage Preservation Grant, and The Wistariahurst Foundation.

Join us at Wistariahurst as this is an in person on-site event
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