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*NEW* Belle Skinner’s Wistariahurst

*NEW* Belle Skinner’s Wistariahurst

Sunday June 3, 2018 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

On this special tour, dig deeper into the life and work of Ruth Isabel Skinner. Belle, as she was known, was a humanitarian, collector of musical instruments and other antiques, and philanthropist in her home city of Holyoke and beyond. It was Belle who designed many of the distinctive architectural, landscape, and design elements at Wistariahurst, including a room “papered” in hand-painted leather, a driveway paved with dinosaur fossils, and a renowned music room. She was a world traveler and is still remembered today for her charitable projects at home and abroad. Join us, as we use the home she so loved to tell her story.

“We can do it if we prepare now, and prepare best by putting off our old habit of littleness and putting on the new habits of unselfishness and courageous endurance” – Belle Skinner


Tickets and Reservations

Advance Reservations are closed at this time for the event.
Please call the museum for more information at (413) 322-5660.

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