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The Heartbeat

The Heartbeat

Saturday April 27, 2019 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Holyoke Heartbeat Flyer

MADEthnic will host ‘The Heartbeat’ in partnership with the Wistariahurst. MADEthnic are excited to bring local businesses and art vendors, performing artists, and gallery pieces for viewing and purchase. Please come and support your Artists and be a part of keeping your community’s pulse strong!

To ensure that the space is accessible to all members of the community, there is no mandatory entry fee to the event. Voluntary donations will be accepted. Proceeds will go towards planning future events that will keep money circulating within the community.

MADEthnic is an Arts and Culture startup dedicated to providing a platform for traditionally underrepresented artists and creatives. They believe in creating a culture of accessibility around all forms of expression, and working with the artists and the community to provide exposure and opportunity. MADEthnic believe that Arts and Culture serve as the pulse and lifeblood of a community, and also believe that the City of Holyoke has a vibrant and growing culture that is inclusive and empowering to all types of artists.

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