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Welcome to the Holyoke Street Railway: Chariots of Change Digital Exhibit

Holyoke Street Railway Coupon/Ticket. Click to enlarge.
Holyoke Street Railway Coupon/Ticket. Click to enlarge.

This exhibit was created in 2009 by Wistariahurst Musuem. Wistariahurst’s mission is to preserve the home, landscape, and material culture of the Skinner family. It also seeks to promote an appreciation of Holyoke’s history and culture through educational programs, exhibits and special events.

Many of the materials in this exhibit are digital representations of original materials from both the archives of the Holyoke Collection of Wistariahurst Museum and The Holyoke History Room and Archives of the Holyoke Public Library. The materials are a small sampling of what is available in these collections. We hope that this exhibit will educate viewers about an integral component in Holyoke’s development into a world class industrial city.

To see more materials associated with the Holyoke Street Railway and Holyoke, please visit us at the Wistariahurst Museum at 238 Cabot Street in Holyoke.

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