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May 18th, 2023-Landscape Tour-5:30pm


Looking for a fun and educational way to spend your day? Join us for a guided tour of Wistariahurst’s historic gardens and grounds, led by a local historian and a Wistariahurst Master Gardener. Named after the gorgeous wisteria vine that bursts into bloom in May, Wistariahurst was once home to two generations of the Skinner family. Sarah Skinner began the garden in the late 19th century, and her daughter Belle Skinner transformed it into a stunning masterpiece in the early 20th century.

As you stroll through the grounds, your guides will share enchanting stories about the vines, the wooded area, the victory garden, and even the tea house! Keep your eyes peeled for hidden gems like the lions, the spirit gate, and even dinosaur tracks.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! You’ll also learn about the historical and contemporary planning and planting of the gardens. And, you’ll be amazed by how a dedicated team of volunteers in the 21st century have restored and maintained this beautiful environment.

So why not step back in time and spend the day surrounded by stunning greenery, fascinating history, and wonderful company? Book your guided tour of Wistariahurst’s gardens and grounds today!

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