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WCS Journal 1888 February 12 – February 18

WCS February 12, 1888

WCS February 12, 1888

February 12, 1888,  Sunday
Beautiful day – All went to Church – Father sat in Whiting’s seat as our own was full –   Libbie being home – I have been sick today.  Don’t know as I ever felt so dreadfully sick in my life – I was all broken up for a few hours – Sick to my stomach –

February 13, 1888,  Monday
Returned to N.Y. at 10:38.  Went to the Springfield Safe Deposit vault with Father where he deposited ten (10) Kentucky Central bonds of $1000 each – which is currently bought @ 74 – 

Went into Gills with Father to see his pictures – has some very good ones – Came down today with Jim Cowan – Found an invitation at the store from Gustaves Farley Jr. asking me to take dinner with him tomorrow night at the Union Club – of course I shall be there – 

Union Club at 21st St. and 5th Ave. NYC (image courtesy of New York Public Library)

WCS February 13 - 14, 1888

WCS February 13 – 14, 1888

February 14, 1888,  Tuesday
Beautiful day – Went to Farley’s dinner at the Union Club – it was by far the finest dinners I ever sat down to – there were present Mr. Farley, Mr. Russel, Mr. Frazar, Mr. Richardson, [Mr. Lambert], and myself.  I am 3/4 sick today with a bad cold.

February 15, 1888  Wednesday
Beautiful day but very cold – I went to see Aunt Ruth found her nicely situated at Dr. Wylie’s Sanitarium 215 W. 43rd St.  She is looking & feeling splendidly is expecting to have an operation performed on Saturday – Saw by tonight’s papers that Mr. Whiting’ Mill at Collins Depot was burned today[,] loss said to be  250,000 – Still about 3/4 sick.

WCS February 15 - 16, 1888

WCS February 15 – 16, 1888

February 16, 1888,  Thursday
Awful Cold – I think I have an attach of queazy and shall go home tomorrow if I am not better as my throat is getting worse.
Have been busy nearly all today & yesterday trying to get the Vivanti silk which arrived Tuesday A.M. as it came over the Canadian Pacific it has to be examined here and we can’t find the current invoice & the Hong Kong Bank say they have never had one –

from Google Books, Biographical Directory of the State of New York, 1900. Biographical Directory Co., NY)

WCS February 17 - 18, 1888

WCS February 17 – 18, 1888

February 17, 1888,  Friday
Sent 5 bales of the Vivanti silk to Holyoke and kept the 25 remaining bales in store as instructed by Father. Called on Aunt Ruth  found her looking very well but anxious regarding the operation which is to be performed on her tomorrow-
The Vivanti silk seems to me to be a bargain it cost  3.73 1/2 – 4 mos – it is 1 to 1-1/2  Filature and looks and feels well – 

February 18, 1888,  Saturday
Beautiful day – Went up to find out how Aunt Ruth went through her operation and the housekeeper says she did well – Says Dr. Wylie says the operation is as successful as it could be[,]  says it will give Aunt Ruth relief from pain – Went home on 4:30 train – took dining-room car as felt so miserable.   Found all well at home – 


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