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WCS Journal 1888 February 26 – March 3

WCS February 26, 1888
WCS February 26, 1888

February 26, 1888,  Sunday
Beautiful day – Kittie and I went to church Morning & Evening –  Mother I am glad to write is much better today is able to be up and dressed and has been lying on the sofa – Awful thou – The Parsons Paper Co. are to build a mill nicer than the N.Y. Woolen mill in South Holyoke – Father brought home an order from N.Y. for 250 pcs satin for Benjamin.

February 27, 1888,  Monday
Beautiful day – Returned to N.Y. at 10:38,  Found everything O.K. –  Mother still continues to inform Father “bounced” Annie the cook as she was “full” again last night so Hattie told Mother. Father told her to get out before night – Father rec’d a letter that Aunt Ruth was better – 

WCS February 27 - 28, 1888
WCS February 27 – 28, 1888

My throat is all well again – I bought Ben Hur a book Kittie wanted as I had to wait 3/4 hour in Springfield today coming over & mailed it to her from Mills – 

February 28, 1888,  Tuesday
Beautiful day but cold. Nothing of interest happened.  I find Henry A. Brown is doing quite well and I am
very confident it will be a profitable way of getting rid of our scraps of satin – Found I had carried away Father’s key to the office so returned it to him by mail – 

WCS February 29 - March 01, 1888
WCS February 29 – March 01, 1888

February 29, 1888,  Wednesday
Beautiful day – Called on Aunt Ruth today  found her looking very poorly – she is very pale, weak, and emaciated  and I agree with what Father said last week that it is doubtful if she lives to return home –  Recd. letter from Belle today saying she would be in this city Friday P.M. Said she was having a fun time at Libbie’s –

March 1, 1888,  Thursday
Beautiful day – Mother arrived in the city at 3:30 and after going to the Murray Hill and leaving her satchel  I took her to see Aunt Ruth and left her there until 6 o’clock.  Mother thought Aunt Ruth looked dreadfully  after leaving the hospital we went to see the Dr. and he told Mother that Aunt Ruth’s case was hopeless[.] said she might live (6) six months or it might be a question of weeks said she had a cancer

(From the Mina Rees Library, CUNY Grad Center)

March 2, 1888  Friday
Looked like rain all day – Belle arrived in this city at 7 o’clock and “Brate” about the same time – both are at the Murray Hill – This evening Mother, Belle, “Brate”  & I went to Dalys to see “A Midsummers Night Dream”  it was put on splendidly  but there is nothing to the piece – Mother spent the greater part of the P.M. with  Aunt Ruth  says she seems better today –  that is a little stronger – 

WCS March 2 - 3, 1888
WCS March 2 – 3, 1888

March 3, 1888,  Saturday
Beautiful – We all settled up at the Murray Hill and Belle & Miss Briton went over to Nina’s at one o’clock & Mother & I home at 4:30   Mrs. John Shaw (Aunt Ruth’s great friend) received a telegram today from San Francisco saying “Hubbard very low  look for his death any hour”  It is very strange that he should be so ill in Cal – and Aunt Ruth here in N.Y. – Hattie the [2] girl went off on a vacation to her home in Bridgeport today – Father has decided to join both the old mill and the middle mill just as soon as the weather becomes settled – John Newton gave him the idea – to carry up a truss on Bigelow Street and strengthen up the walls.

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