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WCS Journal 1888 January 22 – January 28

January 22 - 23, 1888

January 22 – 23, 1888

January 22, 1888,  Sunday
Very cold.  Thermometer 11 degrees below 0 –  All went to church except Father – One of the wings of the Water Power’s Cabot Street mill took fire today at about 2 o’clock and is completely destroyed – It was occupied by The Holyoke Envelope Co. & B. F. Perkins Machinist.  It is not known how the fire originated – 
None of us went to church in the evening.

January 23, 1888,  Monday
Awful cold.  Thermometer  18 degrees below 0 – Mother & I started to drive to Springfield in the P.M. as the weather had moderated but turned around near Edward Clark’s and returned home – 
Belle left for a two (2) week visit to Miss [Cleveland] at Albany  NY.  Recd. telegram  in P.M. arrived O.K. –  Joe left the Roan horse in front of Balls dry Store one day last week and a nosing struck the sleigh breaking it completely. A person standing by brought him home – Joe now has a new sleigh.

January 24 - 25, 1888

January 24 – 25, 1888

January 24, 1888,  Tuesday
Returned to New York at 7:20 AM. as usual and am stopping at the Murray Hill.  Came thru the entire day without meeting any body I knew which is unusual. Father took me to the depot.  Beautiful day – much warmer – 
Bought the latest book by Andrew Carnegie – “Triumphant Democracy” – it came out in 1886 but I had never read it – it is all statistics – I am disappointed in it though it is rather interesting as showing the greatness of America – 

January 25, 1888,  Wednesday
Beautiful day – But commenced snowing very hard at 6 o’clock p.m. and looks as if it meant business – I have changed my advertisement on the satin remnant question & it now reads – 
            Crazy Patchwork
On receipt of  1.25 I will send to any address 50 patterns of fine satin each 4 inches sq. or 25 patterns for  .75 cts.
            Henry A. Brown
                508 Broadway  NY

Advertisement WCS placed in Harpers Bazaar Feb. 18, 1888
Courtesy of The Albert R. Mann Library. 2013. Home Economics Archive: Research, Tradition and History (HEARTH). Ithaca, NY: Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University. (Version January 2005).

I have advertised in Harpers Bazar, Harpers Young People & The [Guestes] Emporium  have taken 1 inch in each & hope for big results.
Harpers Bazar        6 mos    PON
Harpers Young People      ”    SNN
[Guestes] Emporium        2 mos    PPD

January 26 - 27, 1888

January 26 – 27, 1888

January 26, 1888,  Thursday
Beautiful day here in NY as the snow storm last night turned into rain but the evening papers are full of comments of the terrible snow storm raging in New England – said to be the worse for years – 
This is Mother’s birthday and I could think of nothing to send her except The Christian Union to which I have subscribed for one year – price $3.00 – 
Hired a new office boy but got sick of him before night so let him go – 
I’m going to make some changes in the store   am going to put Louis Martin out side and get a boy to take his place  in the office – Bought 10 bales [utler] for the Yonkers  #2  Red Pagoda  @  3.20  6 mos.  open acc.  for  [Guersire] & Co.

January 27, 1888,  Friday
Very pleasant day – The newspapers are full of the terrible snow storm in New Eng.  Tonight’s newspapers say that three men were killed while shoveling out a train at Holyoke by an engine coming from an opposite direction striking them.
Father in his letter recd. today said the mill was obliged to stop yesterday at 11 o’clock as some Canadian
snow shoe clubs were visiting Holyoke –  I bought of the China & Japan Trading Co today 20 bales of #2  Red Pagoda @ 3-1/8  delivery March 15  & April 15th  for the Yonkers Silk Co.-  6 mos.  open acc. – 
Great scarcity of coal throughout the country on acc. of the Reading R.R. strike which has now lasted about one month.

January 28,1888

January 28, 1888,  Saturday
Went home on the 4:30 train and for a wonder went the whole way alone – Very cold – When we were coming into Holyoke we could see from the cars a big fire in South Holyoke and on arriving at the depot learned the Chemical Paper Co. was on fire – it commenced about 6:30  and was not under control  until 11 – Never saw the snow so deep as it is around Holyoke.

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