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WCS Journal April 1 – April 7

WCS April 1 - 2, 1888

WCS April 1 – 2, 1888

April 1, 1888,  Sunday
Easter Sunday.  We all went to church.   Beautiful day and beautiful service – there was a childrens service in the evening –   Belle came home from church today full of news regarding the row in the choir between Mama Shumway and Alice [Corbin].  Joe had some extra exercises at his mission school – Belle went and played the violin – Joe gave each scholar & teacher a rose – they say it passed off splendidly. Kittie has a class in the mission school – she gave her scholars very sweet Easter Eggs.  She is the best & most popular teacher in the school.

April 2, 1888,  Monday
Returned to N.Y. at 7:15 and am at the Murray Hill as usual.
Beautful day – They expect to begin work in the house fixing up the parlor – sitting room & bed-rm tomorrow – have decided not to alter the house at all but to fix the  rooms – Belle had Miss Shumway up for supper and in the evening Joe & Mattie came up and Mother, Belle, “Shum”, Joe & Mattie, & I played 6 handed Euchre – “Shum” says Fannie Pearsons has enlargement of the liver – She has been ailing for some time – Father went to Northampton to a bank meeting,  went to see Aunt Ruth & says he was surprised to see how well she looked.

WCS April 3 - 4, 1888

WCS April 3 – 4, 1888

April 3, 1888,  Tuesday
Returned to N.Y. – Murray Hill as usual –   Beautiful day – Took a package around to the Meridien Hotel which Aunt Ruth sent to Mrs. John Shaw – Went to see the exhibit of paintings at the National Ac. of Design  thought them splendid – Met several parties here this week from our part of the country – Went down to see about exhibit of American paintings at the National Academy – thought them splendid – 

Click here to view the Complete Catalogue of the Spring 1888 Exhibition, National Academy of Design.

April 4, 1888,  Wednesday
Beautiful day – Went down to [Brown Bros. & Co. and bought some exchanges in London so as to pay a bill of dye stuffs  bought of Burke, Simpson, & Spiller – “Crab” Bartlett called at the store and insisted in my going to the 5th Ave. Hotel to dine with him – so I finally did & I took him to the theater to see Fannie Davenport in La Tosca at the new Broadway theater.

April 5, 1888,  ThursdayDid not receive any letter from the mill today  – Rained all day today – Recd. a letter from the Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Co. to send down the ware-house receipt and insurance policy in the last 15 bales –  

WCS April 5 - 6, 1888

WCS April 5 – 6, 1888

went down and saw them telling them the silk was probably used up  etc.  but said that if they were afraid, we would pay them all we owe them Saturday,  so tonight I have written to Father for a check for $23, 470 and will pay them up and close the acc.  Sat.

April 6, 1888,  FridayBeautiful day – Nothing new – Went down to see Putney the lawyer & save him the case of collecting the note of Awasa Lyon which we hold,  he did not give much encouragement.

WCS April 7, 1888

WCS April 7, 1888

April 7, 1888,  Saturday
Beautiful day – Came home at 4:30 – Found the lower part of the house all torn up as Father is fixing it all up – has cut folding doors into the hall and has turned the stairs – so Father & Mother are now sleeping upstairs – Father told me Lester Warren was expected to fail as he had a note of Kyles go to protest today.

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  1. I love reading the entry of Easter Sunday on April 1st (today). How fitting is it that Belle practiced her violin! I also like the mention of Easter eggs and wonder what other sort of Easter traditions have carried over to the present.

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