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WCS Journal April 8 – April 14

WCS April 8, 1888

WCS April 8, 1888

April 8, 1888, Sunday
Beautiful day – All went to church in the morning and all but Father in the eveining. Walked up to the service with Lizzie Pearsons who said Fannie was sick. Congratulated Lizzie P on her [??]

April 9, 1888, Monday
Beautiful day – Went to ride with Mother the going was pretty good but muddy in spots. Understood Mrs Seymour had another boy last week making the 7th.


WCS April 9 - 10,1888

WCS April 9 – 10,1888

April 10, 1888,  Tuesday
Very rainy & sunny day – Father went to Hartford as witness on the Grant process of reeling silk  – 
was there all day – he telephoned from there and it was put as if he were telephoning further business – Harding of the Springfield Wood-working Co. was up to see about the wood work that is going to be put in the house  – he brought some designs with him – 

April 11, 1888,  Wednesday
Rainy – Went out to ride with Mother,  poor going – Perseus Conkling is expected to die every hour from an abcess in his ear which is supposed to have reached his brain – this abcess is the result of the experiences he went through in his walk up town during the blizzard.

WCS April 11 - 12,1888

WCS April 11 – 12,1888

April 12, 1888,  Thursday
Beautiful day but [sluring].   Father & Mother went to Boston to see about fixing up the house.  The pump in the engine got stuck when Doring tried to start at one o’clock and would not work,  so when I came down at nine I found six or eight trying to help things along but Steve finally stopped it.  We then had lots of trouble the past 10 days with the filling (black) – it runs very irregular one looks good then several poor etc.   Father says he is at loss to know what is the matter – 

April 13, 1888,  Friday
Beautiful day – Father & Mother returned from Boston at 7:30.  Joe told Jim Dixon the old watchman yesterday that the new man would come in again today – he was mad but finally concluded to watch and had left the keys with Steve this A.M.     Mattie (Joe’s wife) went home to Danbury to see her Mother who has broken one of her ribs – she expects to return home tomorrow – We played cards tonight.

WCS April 13 - 14,1888

WCS April 13 – 14,1888

April 14, 1888,  Saturday
Cold rainy day – Mother went to Northampton to see Aunt Ruth – found her miserable,  had a very poor day – Mother says she has failed very much since she last saw her – she is giving away a great many articles – sent Belle by Mother a diamond pin with a large opal in the center  – Sent Kittie a silver card receiver – and is going to give each of us something to remember her by – it is very sad but perhaps it is the best way to do to give away these articles – then she knows they go just where she wishes them to – she gave Mother Copeland a diamond ring – 

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