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WCS Journal 1888 January 29 – February 4

January 29, 1888

January 29, 1888

January 29, 1888,  Sunday
Beautiful day – Cold but warmer than has been recently –   Father & I drove to see the Chemical Mill fire damage estimated at  60,000 fully insured – 
Went to church twice – In the evening Mother, Kittie, & I went and during the service a fire alarm sounded and many left – After church I left Mother & Kittie and went to find what the fire was.  it didn’t amount to much – 
Met Fannie Pearsons and we went to see if we could find the fire but didn’t succeed.

January 30 - 31, 1888

January 30 – 31, 1888

January 30, 1888,  Monday
Warmer but very damp – Went to the mill – Father went to Springfield to attend a meeting of the Trust Co.
Invited Fannie Pearsons to go sleigh riding but she sent word she had another engagement and it was impossible – 
Called on F. P. in evening – Stayed about one (1) hour.
Went sleighing with “Eunie” but it was very poor.  Too much snow – Mother read in tonight’s Transcript that a big fire was raging in N.Y. – I was frightened until she said it was on the odd side of Broadway – it is in the block above where we are.  We have had some trouble  with the stove in the store and I was afraid it might have done mischief.

January 31, 1888,  Tuesday
Returned to the city (NY) on 7:15 train and am at the Murray Hill as usual – 
Father intended going to Boston when I left home and guess he did so – 
A small fire took place [Lechen] [Whittier] & Co’s store but was more alarm than fire – 
Vivanti brought in the documents today showing that 30 bales  #1  to 1-1/2 Filature we brought him had arrived  it lands in N.Y. @  3.73 1/2   4 mos. – 
Business has been very good this month – I estimate the total sales will 1400 which is very good for a January.

February 1 - 2, 1888

February 1 – 2, 1888

February 1, 1888,  Wednesday
Beautiful day overhead but dreadful under foot.  Recd. telegram from Father to buy our bale of “Kite” Japan re-reel which I did at  4.00  60 dys – 
Went tonight to the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank and accepted a draft for $15,813.18 which is the amount the 30 bales of re-reel bought of Vivanti came to.   Business very good today.
Wrote a sharp letter to Abbott for selling 50 gms 1 & 8 – 7″  @ 38 cts,  told him  45 cts was bottom. Bought a Century  enjoyed reading the article on Russian prisons – 

February 2, 1888,  Thursday
Beautiful day but poor getting around – Went down to Haddens and was offered same #1 re-reel @ 3.62 1/2    6 mos  to import   took sample to show to Father – Charlie Clark was in – said Libby arrived in Phila last night –
Met Oscar Edwards & Henry Beebe at the hotel – 
Father & Mother in driving up Springfield today were tipped over and although neither was seriously injured received bruises etc. – The horse (Jennie) ran away & stepped in a snow drift when a farmer caught her – she cut herself quite badly.  The new Russian sleigh was [severeled] broken.

February 3 - 4, 1888

February 3 – 4, 1888

February 3, 1888,  Friday
Beautiful day – Came home  at 4:30.  Came up with Oscar Edwards – Found only Father & Kittie at home as Father & Mother had been invited to John Mackintosh’s progressive Euchre party but Father got sick of it so came home and as Mackintosh telephoned up for me to come down I did so – had a very pleasant time –  Joe took the Gentlemans second prize – a cigar holder metal tray  etc. – Lizzie Pearsons engagement to Mr. McNaugton of N.Y. came out in last night’s Transcript. Had my hair cut.

February 4, 1888,  Saturday
Disagreeable day –  Mother went to Northampton to see Aunt Ruth who telephoned down she wished she would come up.   Mother did so –  found Aunt Ruth  miserable –


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