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WCS Journal March 18 – March 24

March 18 - 19, 1888

March 18 – 19, 1888

March 18, 1888,  Sunday
Went to church twice – we all went in the morning and all but Father in the evening.  Joe & Mattie were up to dinner as usual –    Jim the watchman cut out this P.M.  he had had a chill & would not be able to watch – Father says he thinks he must have been celebrating St. Pat yesterday too much – He (Father) had Downing the fireman go in at 3 o’clock and get up the fires.

March 19, 1888,  Monday
Went to N.Y. at 7:15 and am at the Murray Hill as usual – We came through a great many big drifts coming down but the track was much freer of snow than  I had supposed – Broadway is comparatively  free of snow but the side sts. are awful – I went down to Pier 25 and made a row about their not delivering us the last case which has been in their possession for a month – so they told me we could have it and I am going to send [horses?] Went down to Ortegies to see some paintings that are to be sold at auction next week.

March 20 - 21, 1888

March 20 – 21, 1888

March 20, 1888,  Tuesday
Rainy all day –  Belle & Miss [Braton] returned from Phila.  Belle went home & Miss [Breyton] to Brooklyn.
Recd. word from Father that the Town Bus.  has informed him there was no danger in wiring the old mill – was glad to learn it – The last case was recd. today – contents were all right – It was shipped from Holyoke  Feb. 21st  –  Had my first strawberries this year tonight.

George B. Skinner

“Uncle George” George B. Skinner

March 21, 1888,  Wednesday
Warm rain all day – Snow is rapidly disappearing – Met quite a number of people I know here this week and have been sitting around talking this evening.  Uncle George  was down yesterday first time in 10 dys – he and all his family have been sick with sore throats – he looked slim.

March 22, 1888,  Thursday
Beautiful day – Nothing new, strange or interesting has happened – Business here in N.Y. is only fair due probably to the [devastation] brought about by the storm of last week.

March 22 - 23, 1888

March 22 – 23, 1888

March 23, 1888,  Friday
Beautiful day – Bought 77 pcs of [2700 ]  [Meurilleux] of [E. Oclberium] Co. @ 1.50  3 of 570  for  Aug. 1st also bought 3 bales of Japan Filature of the China & Jap. Trading Co. for the Yonkers at 3.55   6 mos. open acc. 
G.B.S. was down today – looked much better than when last down – Have met a great many Holyoke people here this week.

March 24, 1888

March 24, 1888,  Saturday
Beautiful day – went home at 4:30.  Went up all the way with Dr. Reed (the physician) – Father hired a new watchman to take Jim Dixon’s place who is sick – Kittie’s average in the examinations just put as 87 which entitles her to finish [diaries]  and entered into the High School without further examinations.

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