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WCS Journal March 4 – March 10

WCS March 4 - 5, 1888

WCS March 4 – 5, 1888

March 4, 1888,  Sunday
All went to church except Mother who has a small touch of siatica [sp sciatica].   Joe & I went to ride in the P.M. Kittie & I went to church in the evening – Joe’s servant girl came up and waited on the table.  Joe & I went sleighing this P.M. but there is too much snow for comfortable driving.

March 5, 1888,  Monday
They have had trouble with the [Schipp?] I had dyed at Weidmanns – it is too heavy weighted so Father has had to cut it off with hot soap – Mother & I called on John Mackintosh also at Joe’s – Mattie has gone to bed.

Listing from America's Textile Reporter: For the Combined Textile Industries, Volume 34, Issue 11 (Google eBook) Weidmann Silk

Listing from America’s Textile Reporter: For the Combined Textile Industries, Volume 34, Issue 11 (Google eBook) Weidmann Silk

March 6, 1888,  Tuesday
Beautiful day – Returned to N.Y. on 7:20 train – very cold – snowing – 

Brought down 1-1/4  from  5000. – 8″ brown for  [Frebbien?], [Goodkind?] & Co]  and foolishly left it in the car – 
Stopping at Murray Hill as usual – 

March 6 - 7, 1888

March 6 – 7, 1888

March 7, 1888,  Wednesday
Beautiful day – Sales so far this month are poor. Went down to the R.R. depot to see if I could find the last case shipped from Holyoke Feb. 21, but did not have much luck.  It must be traced from the other end of the line.  Walter Pomeroy of Haydenville came in to see Clark.  I had not seen Pomeroy for years  but knew him by his lip.

March 8 - 9, 1888

March 8 – 9, 1888

March 8, 1888,  Thursday
Beautiful day – Charlie Clark came in and Belle & “Brate” were having a big time in Phila – I ordered a new suit of clothes at Underhill, Slate, & Cornell – Europe.  William of Germany is reported dead, he is about 92, is one of the few officers living who fought against Napoleon at Waterloo.

March 9, 1888,  Friday
Beautiful day – Father came down last night & arrived at the store this A.M.  could not get in the Murray Hill so went to the Park Ave.  He (Father) went up to see Aunt Ruth today found her up and looking as well as ever – she is going home with him tomorrow.  Father bought 25 bales [Kawishida?]  of Richardson @ 4.25    90 dys – &  6 bales [Kikeda]  @ 3.50 – We also ordered net through The China  & Japan Trading Co.  25 bales of 5 Girls freedye  @  3.75    6 mos.
Europe Wm III of 
Germany did not die until this A.M.  is nearly 91 years old.

WCS March 10, 1888

WCS March 10, 1888

March 10, 1888,  Saturday
Beautiful day – Father did not come over to the store as he started for Northampton on the 11 o’clock train with Aunt Ruth.  Mrs. Shaw brought her to the depot in her carriage and then Father had her wheeled  to the car – Mother met them in Springfield and they all went to Northampton where Aunt Ruth arrived in splendid condition – before starting from N.Y. Father was handed a telegram saying Michael Hubbard was dead and had left a dying request his body should be sent to Northampton  so Father told them to send it – 
I came home at 4:30  coming as far as Meriden with Krauss of N. K. S. & Co.  of N.Y.

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