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WCS Journal May 13 – May 19

WCS May 13 - 14, 1888

WCS May 13 – 14, 1888

May 13, 1888,  Sunday
Showering all day – Father & I went to church in the A.M. and at three (3) o’clock to Joe’s for dinner – I went to ride in the P.M. took Charlie Ruilette and we went over to see the new house Charlie Mackintosh is building – it is very fine – Cy Frink came over in the evening and we all talked as usual – The grounds are looking splendidly – Mother’s tulips are in full bloom – 

May 14, 1888,  Monday
Rained all day – Went to the mill – Returned to N.Y. at 6:15 and am at the Murray Hill as usual –  Came down with John Mackintosh – Father has had hanging shelves put in the lower part of the shop to put the dyed silk on – we have not room enough – The whole mill has been almost stopped by the Colored [serps] – Don Sheehan has been dyeing recently as can’t wind them – 

WCS May 15 - 16, 1888

WCS May 15 – 16, 1888

May 15, 1888,  Tuesday
Rainy all day – Recd. telegram from Mother that she should not go to Auburn as she had intended so I concluded to go to Lakewood and surprise them so went down at 4:30 – Found them all looking & feeling finely – The weather has been so bad Kitten has only had time to take one view with her with her camera  it is the interior view of her room and judging from the plate should say it was fine – 32 years ago today Father & Mother were married – 

May 16, 1888,  Wednesday
Returned at 10:45 – Rainy – Came down with the doctor who said Kitten was doing splendidly and would soon be o.k. – Father writes it is so cold in Holyoke he is wearing his winter overcoat – 14 years ago today the Mill River disaster took place –  Attended the Silk Assciation dinner at Delmonico’s tonight but considered it a failure – Joe sent down my dress suit but by mistake sent his pants so I had to borrow a pair at Ledwells

WCS May 17 - 18, 1888

WCS May 17 – 18, 1888

May 17, 1888,  Thursday
Beautiful day – Recd. letter from Joe today saying Libbie had a boy – The little stranger came to town yesterday – Mother came here today and is xpecting to go out to Auburn tomorrow to pay the young gentleman a visit – Business is rather dull today but as it has been splendid so far this year I suppose we must expect dull day once in a while – 

May 18, 1888,  Friday
Cloudy – Mother left on the 10:30 train for Auburn and as she went through without changing cars have no doubt she went through all right – I left for Lakewood at 4:30 to spend Sunday and bring the girls back on Monday – found Belle & Kittie nicely.   Slept nearly all the way down on the cars – Sue Merrick is here and her sisters are visiting her Old Vivanti and his son (the one from Yokahama) came in today to bid me farewell as the father is going out to Yokahama with his son to live.

WCS May 19, 1888

WCS May 19, 1888

May 19, 1888,  Saturday
Beautiful day – We all went out with Kittie to take’ photos” and then in the after-noon after she had developed them we got a carriage and drove out to Cathedral Ave. – which she took – They have met a Mr.  Washburn here who has helped them very much about developing – Recd. telegram rom Mother saying she arrived at Auburn all right and found Libbie all right and the baby a success – Met the doctor, he says Kitten’s lungs are perfectly well but great care must be used for two years as she will be subject to colds on the lungs – 

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