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WCS Journal November 12 – November 18, 1876

WCS Journal November 11 - 12, 1876

WCS Journal November 11 – 12, 1876

November 12, 1876,  Sunday
Very nice – Went to hear Beecher but on arriving in front of the church found the wind so great that it would have been impossible for me to have got in if  Tracy had not seen me and taken me in with him –  liked B- very much, much  better than  Storrs. Wrote to Nina –

November 13, 1876,  Monday
Wrote to Nell & Libbie – Very fine = Arrived at the store at about 9 o’clock. Business is very dull and will be until it is decided whether Tilden or Hayes is to be our next president for the question is not yet settled – Bought myself a cane –

WCS Journal November 13 - 14, 1876

WCS Journal November 13 – 14, 1876

November 14, 1876,  Tuesday
Received letters from Mother, Libbie, Joe & Belle. All of which are very acceptable. This evening I called on Tracy, but as he was out I went out to Adelphi St. and called on Charley Marsh had a very pleasant time  stayed about 1 1/5 hours. Rained this evening. The political question is open for as much discussion now as it was one week ago as both candidates all still in the field –

November 15, 1876,  Wednesday
Went to Wm Ryles to find how raw silk was selling also to Uncle George’s office where I was introduced to a man named [Turner]. A great many braids were sold today – J.A. Griffith of Baltimore was in the store today.

WCS Journal November 15 - 16, 1876

WCS Journal November 15 – 16, 1876

Wrote to Mother. Called on Bert. Richardson spent a very pleasant
evening –  Ms R. went to Phila this evening –

November 16, 1876,  Thursday
Very fine –  This evening Mr. Robeson (a fellow boarder) presented me with a complementary ticket to a musical at the Athenneum (sic) given by the “Young Apollo Club” it was very fine –  Arbuckle gave several cornet solos which were splendid –  Met a fellow named Rushmore he knows Dick Hill very well, was at Wilbraham with him.

WCS Journal November 17 - 18, 1876

WCS Journal November 17 – 18, 1876

November 17, 1876,  Friday
Received a letter from Mother –  Wrote to Father –  Have learned the prices of most of the things in the store –  Bought a watch protector as every day about 50 watches are taken. Mr. Peck also bought one – Went to Hadden & Co. to find how raw silk was selling –  Bill Tweed has not yet arrived. 47 days ago he left Tigo Spain for the U.S. the usual time is 20 days –

November 18, 1876,  Saturday
Cloudy and rainy in eve. Dan Myers was not at the store today on account of sickness,  his wife & two children are also sick. Bought a pair of Castor Gloves at Frenchis opp. Metropolitan Hotel. price (1.00) one dollar –  Stayed in the house this evening and studying French by myself. Met Frank Tracy on the street. Am learning something every day about the store –

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