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WCS Journal 1888 January 1 – January 7

January 1, 1888

January, Sunday 1. 1888
Communion Sunday. Joe and I represented the family at Church. Very disagreeable day. Rain. Wind & Hail. Sol Smith left our employ yesterday after having been with us for ten (10) years he has gone with his brother in the ribbon business. A.C. Ranselle also left our employ having been with us two year. he has gone to Lent & Branau. Abe Lewengood entered our employ today, taking Smith’s place and I feel sure he will do well.
Smith recd. a salary of PdOH when he left
Ranselle SPOH
Lewengood receives POHO 

January 2 - 3 1888

January 2 – 3 1888

January, Monday 2. 1888
The Mill did not run as today has been celebrated as the 1st. Mother and Kittie returned from Phila. where they had been visiting since Tueday. Joe’s wife returned from Danbury but missed her connection at Hartford and arrived too late to attend Miss Trica Merrick’s “Announcement” party which she gave to announce her engagement to a Mr. hollister of Grand Rapids, Mich. Belle & I were not invited as Miss M. casually remarked during the party she could not have her enjoyment marred by a Motley crowd so now people not invited are said to belong to the “Motleys”

January, Tuesday 3. 1888
Returned to this city on the 7:20 train.  Stopped at Murray Hill Hotel as usual.  Wrote a note to Miss Fannie Pearsons inviting her to attend the next Arlington party with me which comes the 13th.
Met Ernest Loving at the hotel and sat around gossiping with him.

January 4 - 5, 1888

January 4 – 5, 1888

January, Wednesday 4. 1888
Had breakfast with Irving and went downtown with him. Walked down from 15th Street where we got off the car to get my new cards at Tiffany’s  –  W. S. Jr.  Like them very much.  Met Austin Warner at the hotel in the p.m. and went to see Robert Crane in the Henrietta in the evng.  It was very good.

January, Thursday 5. 1888
Had breakfast with Austin Warner and went to the store with him. Sid Warner came to town, also Lester Warner.  Lester and Sid went to the theater, but Austin and I remained at the hotel. Hear that Mosher and King of Easthampton have failed. King was once our book-keeper at Skinnerville.

January 6 - 7, 1888

January 6 – 7, 1888

January, Friday 6. 1888
Austin and Sid Warner returned to Chicago.
Received reply from Miss Pearsons saying she accepted my invitation to attend the Arlington.

January, Saturday 7. 1888
Went home at 4:30. Went up in the cars with Mrs. Dr [Dorothy] Cohn  and Miss Jessica. They are full of the success their son and brother, Austin is making with Booth & Barrett –
Met Ira [Dunrck]. Belle arrived home just before me from Pawtucket where she has been visiting Miss Jenckes for about 10 days – has had an elegant time.


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