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Wisteria - Monday, April 27
Wisteria - Monday, April 27
flowering Wisteria Vine purple
Wisteria - Monday, April 27flowering Wisteria Vine purple

Wisteria Watch 2022!

5/13/2022 and Today we are in Full Bloom!  The intoxicating scent of the wisteria is wafting through the air at Wistariahurst. Come by and sit in the garden and enjoy the beautiful sight of the purple blossoms covering the house.

These wisteria vines were planted in 1880 by Sarah Skinner and were left to grow and cover the house. They were the pride of the Skinner family and were often written up in the local newspapers when they were in bloom so the entire community could come by and appreciate their beauty.

Today, these same vines are kept at bay with annual trimming.  After lying dormant all winter, the spring rains and warmer sunlight blossoms start appearing in early May.  As expected, the mid-May flowers are here. Don’t miss this years’ wisteria vine bloom.  Right on schedule!


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